Is Shopping Together Taboo?

Obviously, when it comes to a proposal, you want an element of surprise. That’s why people question the modern idea of shopping as a team for the perfect engagement ring. But, listen up! It’s 2019, and the way we propose is entirely different than we used to. The rules are looser, so why should this … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Band Metals

Picking the type of metal for your engagement ring band or wedding ring band can make you dizzy. There are so many options. And, when you are standing at the jewelry counter, looking at all the options, you may feel pressured to pick a band quickly. However, we highly recommend you do some at-home research … Read more

Black Diamonds Are A Thing?

Black diamonds aren’t seen too often on the ring fingers of married women, but they are definitely a thing. For some, they are gothic and romantic. And, for others, they are seen as quirky yet beautiful. Although, some may not like them at all. But, that’s ok, it’s simply a question of taste! These untraditional … Read more

Am I Allowed to Propose to Him?

Wake up! It’s 2019 where women do what they want. Not what society tells them is acceptable. So, that’s why we are here to tell you that ‘hell, yes’ you can most certainly propose to him! Seriously, some men take forever to make the leap to propose. Granted, it can be a scary decision. But, … Read more

So, Like, What is A Promise Ring?

We’ve all heard of promise rings. But, do we really know what they are? Like, what do they represent? Also, what do they look like? Are they similar to classic engagement rings or are they completely different? Obviously, we have a lot of questions. So, let’s get to answering them! Read on to find out … Read more