The Rainbow Of Gem Options

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In the world of engagement and wedding rings, suddenly, there are so many options to choose from. First, there is the type of band. Then, there is the cut of the stone and the shape. And, then, of course, is the color.

Engagement and weddings rings, traditionally, have diamonds. But, there are so many beautiful options for colored diamonds and other precious stones that add a special pop to any ring. Here are some of our favorite popular stones:


Image result for amethyst ring

A purple amethyst stone is a beautiful choice for any ring. And, when paired with a silver or rose gold setting, it can create a feminine girly look that people will think is super vintage!


Image result for turquoise ring

Turquoise stones come in different shades and hues of blue. You can get one that is bright blue or one that is a little quieter and has natural flakes; either way, rocking a turquoise stone is definitely an earthy move.


Image result for emerald ring

Emeralds are the definition of luxury. This bold dramatic stone is timeless. And, there super green hue is distinct. Everyone will know what kind of gem you’re rocking!


Image result for sapphire ring

The traditional sapphire is a blue cobalt-colored stone. If you love the cool tone of the blue, try mixing it with a silver band to optimize its glamour.


Image result for garnet ring

The deep red color of garnet stone is super romantic and sexy. It reminds us of the heart, Valentine’s day, and straight-up passion. So, why wouldn’t you want this gem on your band?


Image result for morganite ring

Morganite is skyrocketing in popularity for engagement rings and wedding rings alike. They are a beautiful pink gem that will make any ring look like a feminine vintage find.


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